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Victoria Matthews founded SEMA4 to help live entertainment venues deliver the best possible experience through targeted experiential monitoring, experience delivery and training programs.

Interviews with Experts from the Live Events Industry: Part II

Developing an Enhanced Customer Experience in the New Normal Robert Fitzpatrick is the CEO of The Odyssey Trust, owners and managers of Northern Ireland’s premier live entertainment venue, the SSE Arena, Belfast and home to the Belfast Giants Ice Hockey team. In our first interview with Robert Fitzpatrick, CEO of The Odyssey Trust we talked [...]

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Build it and they will come?

An estimated €300 million was spent on the renovation of the Khalifa Stadium in Doha which focused on the very latest in stadium design features and digital technology including the installation of an innovative cooling technology, to keep both spectators and athletes comfortable, and track projection, which used laser projectors to screen custom content across [...]

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The CX Disconnect

One of the biggest challenges facing Customer Experience professionals is embedding CX into an organisation as a recognised and valued business discipline. Often the CEO recognises an important growth opportunity lies in strengthening customer focus. The necessary customer research is carried out and detailed results are presented to the senior management team. Few around the [...]

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GDPR: A Customer Experience Opportunity

On May 25 this year changes around data collection in relation to the freedom of data came under the auspices of new General Data Protection Regulations or the GDPR. GDPR requires organisations to implement reasonable data protection methods to protect EU citizens regarding data processing and the free movement of data. Strict new rules will [...]

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Enhancing CX through Listening

In today's world where both customer expectations and competition for leisure spend are rapidly increasing, live music and sports venues are being forced to constantly improve and innovate. People want an enhanced experience and are willing to pay for it. Technology is leading the way in the creation of an enhanced experience as demand for [...]

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CX and Customer Safety

As Customer Experience consultants for live entertainment and sports venues, SEMA4’s primary concern has always focused on listening to customers to gain a full understanding of what they both want and need on their journeys. A fan who is willing to travel large distances to see their favourite group or support their team, and who [...]

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