Enhancing CX through Listening

In today’s world where both customer expectations and competition for leisure spend are rapidly increasing, live music and sports venues are being forced to constantly improve and innovate. People want an enhanced experience and are willing to pay for it.

Technology is leading the way in the creation of an enhanced experience as demand for digital transformation grows. Customers will inevitably expect to manage all aspects of the concert experience through their telephones enabling a seamless and consistent journey from beginning to end. Venues will be able to track their customers and get a full understanding of their behaviours and preferences in order to constantly build on and improve the experience they are delivering.

In the world of sports, the physical and digital worlds are combining to provide state of the art experiences including heated seats with built-in USB ports, 360-degree video walls and holographic projection. Live sports’ biggest competitor is perhaps the large flat screen TV and stadiums are facing the need to offer something very special to get the fans to leave their living rooms. Arguably, music fans will still turn out to see their favourite bands and no amount of TV viewing angle technology replace the live event. However tickets prices are high and there is a lot of leisure offer in the marketplace for the limited amount of disposable income that can be spent on having fun.

Concert venues need to be more than bricks and mortar housing a great show, they must become destinations in themselves where people go to meet friends, eat, drink and be entertained. This transformation may require investment in architectural and technological features. However, the customer experience can be greatly enhanced by simply finding out what customers want and what really matters to them when they attend an event. Getting to know your customers is not as complicated as you may think. You can start by simply listening. Every relationship requires listening, as well as talking. People love to be given the chance to talk and be heard and this direct feedback is the best source of insight for making key decisions for enhancing the customer journey and driving digital transformation.

The better the experience the more likely a customer is to spend more, talk about their experience afterwards, recommend it to their friends and come back for more and every marketer knows the value of repeat business and recommendation.

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